Our 2019 Performers!

From Mumbai, India, and inspired by his standup comedian father, Adi began comedy in 2014. The first state/country he ever visited outside of India was Oklahoma in 2011. He moved to Seattle in 2017. Adi has opened for International Headliners like Mark Normand (Conan), Jon Dore (Conan), Papa CJ (NBC) and Atul Khatri (Netflix) in Seattle, WA. Fun Fact: Adi was the first person to ever fly on an airplane in his entire family tree! Adi holds 2 Engineering degrees (What a surprise!)

Born into a mixed racial (Arab/Mexican), rarely quiet household, Aisha Farhoud started performing comedy when she was unemployed and tired of Judge Judy reruns. Aisha has since performed at the Bumbershoot Music and Arts festival in Seattle, the Arab-American Comedy Festival in New York City, and the Westside Comedy Showdown in Los Angeles. She is co-creator and editor of "Aisha and Arijana" sketch videos with fellow comedian Arijana Ramic. Aisha can often be found at The Comedy Nest in Seattle, a female-focused but not female-exclusive show she helps produce.

Alyssa is currently a co-host of the popular Leafly podcast, The Roll-Up. Alyssa is also the creator and co-host of the relationship podcast You Suck, Don't Leave! She works locally as a producer for Seattle's Naked Brunch, QTPOC Is Not A Rapper, Don't Tell, and Unladylike at Comedy Underground. Alyssa has opened for Amy Miller, Esther Ku, Sara Schaefer, Janelle James and Rory Scovel. Alyssa has performed in Control Yourself, Minority Retort, NW Black Comedy Festival, Intersections Festival, 10,000 Laughs, the Seattle International Comedy Competition, and Bumbershoot.

Andy Iwancio is a transgender gal comedian from Seattle who is a regular at the Comedy Nest, Five Quarters Funny, and Comedy Crater. She has opened for Riley Silverman, James Adomian, and Cameron Esposito.

Angel Alviar-Langley (aka ‘Moonyeka) is a sick and disabled queer mixed-Filipinx femme movement based storyteller who utilizes art creation, teaching organizing to realize a world that can honor and hold her communities' stories in a way that is safe, celebratory, and accountable. Their projects for 2018 included expanding WHAT’S POPPIN’ LADIEZ?! into a mentorship program for young g*rls of color and "In The White Frame", a work exploring the multi-racial experience in "post-racial" America.

Bernice Ye is a Seattle-based comedian, writer and dancer. Despite having done comedy for just a year, she has performed in Northwest Women's Comedy Festival (OR) and Mutiny Radio Comedy Festival (CA). She has also opened for national headliners Susan Rice and Rodney Sherwood, and performed at multiple local venues including Clearwater Casino, The Laughs Comedy Club and The Comedy Nest. She is also a writer at The Syndrome Magazine, with the mission to empower women, one laugh at a time.

Birungi is a Ugandan comedian based out of Seattle. Over the last three years, he has traveled and performed at various shows across America. He has wowed audiences in Portland, Los Angeles, Boston, Olympia, San Diego, & most recently Phoenix. He was recently voted Best of the Fest at the Burbank Comedy festival in LA.

Bobby Higley, a bright eyed ex-Mormon Seattle comic and producer. He's been featured in the Midwest & Portland Queer Comedy Festivals, as well as the Altercations Comedy Festival.

"Me And All My Friends: A Solo Improv with Britney Barber" is a reverse parade of ornate character floats and flavorful word candy that are birthed from the loins of your suggestions.

Open up your heart to us. We will listen. We will make you feel heard. Watch the mayhem unfold as we let the details of your life inspire us to create some funny improv! Captain is Coonoor Behal, Amanda Jensen, Erica McIntyre, Heather Mabson, and Yolanda Suarez.

Carly Martin is a 23 year old from Seattle, WA. She performs original musical comedy on her keyboard. Critics (read: her mom) rave that her music is "smart", "edgy", and "a little much sometimes". Get out while you still can! Use her set as your chance to use the restroom! Carly knows you have better things to do than listen to her musical comedy bullsh*t!

I am a disabled, Black, femme small business owner. I am a social equity educator and consultant. I'm a passionate advocate for intersectional disability justice, Black rights and justice, antiracism, and fighting against systemic and institutional violence. In my free time, (Ha!) I love to read non-fiction and watch WWE -- the best soap opera on TV.

Claire Webber is a comic with an ostomy and a heart of iron. She's performed at the Seattle Moth Grand Slam and the Seattle International Comedy Competition.

Clara Pluton is a Seattle based comedian and radio personality. She’s the co-host of 104.9 FM KHUH’s radio show/podcast Hot Takes with Hot Dykes where her and fellow lezzie comedian girlfriend, Val Nigro, serve the sapphic dish every other Monday 7-9 PM. Their festival credits include Intersections Festival, PDX Queer Comedy Festival and Femme Wave Fest.

Dan Hurwitz is a writer, producer, and performer, originally from New Haven, CT. He emerged on the Seattle comedy scene two tears ago--virtually out of nowhere--and now runs what has been described as the third most popular disability-focused comedy open mic on North Beacon Hill. Aside from comedy, Hurwitz is passionate about pizza, politics, and references to 1990s pop culture.

Dewa Dorje is a Tibetan American stand up comic born and raised in Sea-town. She intertwines her feminist side-eye view of the world with raunchiness and upbeat energy. Dewa produces a monthly comedy showcase, "Loudmouth Cunts," and co-produces a weekly female-focused open mic “The Comedy Nest." Dewa has performed at the Crocodile, Gay City, Cobb's Comedy Club in San Francisco, and headlined Deport This an immigrants rights fundraiser.

A queer/trans/non-binary comedian and writer, El Sanchez has been performing all over the country since 2010. Their conversationally cynical, yet upbeat comedic style weaves together a unique mix of embarrassing personal stories, nerdy obsessions, social politics and possible overshares, making light of their own instances of social incompetence while also skewering oppressive social norms. They have been called "fearless" by City Arts Magazine, "a grumpy nugget of delight," by writer/activist Lindy West (Shrill: Notes From a Loud Woman) and "a brilliant new voice everyone should know," by comedian Hari Kondabolu (The Problem with Apu).

Ellen Go Acuario brings her A game with comedic storytelling in her mom-com. Straight outta Pacific Northwest, she connects with the audience over the highs and lows as she shares the raw glimpses into her life as a working mom, poc and woman with hustle to chase her dreams. She is a comedic force in Seattle and has performed at The Comedy Nest, Laughs Comedy Club and Parlor Comedy Club. She was selected to perform first year of the Women in Comedy Festival, sponsored by HBO, in Boston, Massachusetts. She has also been featured on the Cut series "LineUp" on YouTube, and was a featured storyteller during the live tour of the RISK Podcast and Bawdy Storytelling.

Erin Popelka is a weird storyteller, overall mischief maker, and secret business person. She got her cat ordained as a Minister last year and helped him start a Cat Church (@catministertaco Meow art blessed). Erin produces and hosts themed Bingo nights with a live bluegrass band, lots of confetti, sometimes murder, and always general mayhem, You can also find her swimming in Puget Sound year-round (no wet suit) and driving around Seattle with a full-sized skeleton in the back seat of her car.

Shaped by her experiences as a child model for no less than 3 Target advertisements, Evelyn Jensen has never let humility stand in her way of the spotlight. Evelyn has been performing comedy in Seattle for the past five years, primarily harvesting laughs through stand-up. She is the producer of Live Laugh Love, she has acted in various local projects (Northern Belles, Alyssa Explains It All), and co-wrote, directed, and starred in the two-woman play Blood Actually: A Mormon Murder Love Story. Evelyn competed in the 37th and 39th Annual Seattle International Comedy Competitions, and has performed at Bumbershoot Arts & Music Festival.

Genevieve Ferrari is loud and likes to talk about deeply personal things. Once her own mother described her comedy as “painful self-flagellation,” which is a pretty fair review! Her delivery dry and her humor absurd, Genevieve Ferrari will leave you laughing if not slightly uncomfortable. She has inflicted her comedy on (hopefully) delighted if not confused audiences in the States, Mexico and France, performed sketch and standup at Bumbershoot Music Festival 2015 and was a cast member on the Seattle show Alyssa Explains it All.

Jeannine Clarke is a Seattle area actor, director and producer. Jeannine is the Artistic Director of Seattle Experimental Theater, and director of their flagship show, "Where No Man Has Gone Before". She is a company member of Unexpected Productions and 4&20 Improv.

Jill Silva is a comedian currently residing in Tacoma, WA, which is pretty much the Brooklyn of Seattle but please don't tell anyone. Her comedy has been called "a menace", "loud" and "sometimes dry." She's featured in Baltimore's XFest, Seattle's Highlarious Comedy Fest and recently competed in NYC's Devil Cup. She co-produces two comedy gems of Destiny City: Bob's Comedy Jive and Laughing Mater. When she's not out bothering businesses to put up comedy show posters, she's bothering people on stage.


Kent Whipple has shared stories at many The Moth StorySLAMs and The Moth GrandSLAM. In Sept. 2018 he was featured at the Risk! Live Show. His story "Furry or Foe” was featured on the Risk! Podcast on 9/25. He is the host of Inside Story, a storytelling show at Unexpected Productions every 2nd Sunday of the month. He has performed at Fresh Ground Stories, Bawdy Storytelling, Do Tell: Humorous Storytelling, and the Gay UncleTime. He has mentored with Natalie Goldberg author of Writing Down the Bones, and studied with Larry Rosen: The Moth, Kevin Allison, and Brad Lawrence: Risk! Podcast.

Kirsten Kuppenbender is a comedian, a writer, an actor and is the Founder and Producer of Lez Stand Up: a Portland-based, all-queer, feminist comedy collective and showcase. Kupp's comedy has been described as "observational, with bouts of off-the-cuff brilliance". As a host, she has been deemed quirky, bubbly and "completely out of control" by guests and performers alike. You may have seen her in Bridgetown Comedy Festival, All Jane Festival, hosting Dan Savage's Hump! Film Festival, or The State of Period with Margaret Cho, or maybe when she opened for Emily Heller, Michael Che, DeAnne Smith or Fortune Feimster!

Lucy Tollefson is a stand up comedian and writer based in Seattle, WA. She has performed in numerous places around the country and has worked with comics such as Adam Ray and Ricky Velez. Lucy has studied with Second City and produces showcases around Seattle. She performs often around the PNW and in her home state of Wisconsin.

Max Delsohn is a transgender comedian and writer from Seatle, WA. They were featured in Second City's Break Out Comedy Festival and were a semi-finalist for StandUpNBC. Max also runs the monthly Couth Buzzard Comedy Show in Greenwood.

Mona Concepcion hails from the tiny island of Saipan, a real place. Her comedy cuts through the underbelly of life as a full-time hot mom and Pacific transplant who learned about America through bad 90s TV. She has performed in Seattle Sketchfest, All Jane Comedy Festival and Dis/Orient/ed Comedy. You can find her at @kirida on IG/Twitter.

Combining her life experiences as a queer, black woman and a special deadpan touch, Monisa serves up comedy that toys with and deconstructs your social perceptions. Monisa Brown is creator and head producer of QTPOC Is Not A Rapper, a Queer Trans and POC focused curated comedy open-mic and showcase. Monisa is a co-producer of the Comedy Nest and has appeared in Portland’s Black Comedy Festival and Seattle's Bumbershoot Festival. You can follow Monisa on TwitterInstagramFacebook, and her website

Mykaela & Your Kayla (Mykaela Hopps and Kayla Teel) are an improv and sketch duo with a focus on character work, unique relationships, and shared perspective scene work.

Ruth Prudence was born and raised in Michigan and has lived in Seattle for less than a decade. She prefers things to be authentic than otherwise and is quite fond of many beings, humans among them. She likes writing and playing the guitar.

Sara Dipity has been making a non-living at performing since she was 5. She has some really impressive credits, you should buy her a drink and ask her about it. Sara would like to thank her parents for buying her the My First Sony that started it all.

Schmilliams’s observational comedy looks at growing up Jamaican, learning to make ‘Other’ a desirable category, and existing as a magical Black girl who “just can’t” with your group texts at 2am. When not on stage, you can catch her performing with improv comedy group M.A.R.S., at the gym faking tricep pushups, or in the middle of a ring of Krispy Kreme doughnuts, because she likes being surrounded by greatness.

Sin de la Rosa is one of Seattle burlesque’s blossomed beauties. Also known as “The Beast from the Southeast,” she’s not afraid to grab the bull by the horns and mix the serious with the salacious. Sin is an Associate Producer for “The Sunday Night Shuga Shaq” (Seattle’s only monthly all performers of color burlesque revue) and a co-producer for “Bechdel Test Burlesque,” a burlesque show celebrating feminism in geek culture.


Established in 2006, the Sister Kate Dance Company (SKDC) is Seattle’s premier vintage chorus girl dance company. For more than a decade, SKDC has choreographed over 60 routines, directed and presented nine full-length shows, inspired three spin-off companies, and has appeared in countless performances around the Puget Sound and beyond. SKDC specializes in vintage chorus girl dances from the 1920s-1950s, with inspiration ranging from CanCan dancers to flappers to Broadway musicals. Above all, Sister Kate’s members seek to spread their passion for vintage jazz movement and empower more humans to get up and dance!

STONER CHICKS is an all female seattle based improv comedy group. It follows the lives of three stoner chicks who love weed and pizza. Living in Seattle is hard but friends and bong rips make it worth the struggle.

Tambre grew up in Montana where she was raised by feral beatnik cowboys. Since fleeing to Seattle in a mostly successful attempt to escape her nemesis, snow, Tambre has appeared on several stages as an actress, variety performer, and stand-up comic. Best known as an outspoken feminist who is overdressed for every occasion, she has performed at The Comedy Womb, Punchline Comedy at Jai Thai, Safeword Comedy, and all sorts of other places around Seattle.

According to Taryn Luce, Southerners can be just a wee prone to hyperbole, which may explain her passion for sparkly things and the dramatic pause, as well as her bio. Raised in the sweaty bosom of the sultry South, Taryn has been running around nekid, gettin’ dirty, and bein’ contrary since she was knee high. She’s been an artist, performer, storyteller, and nerd-of-all-trades, findin’ her callin on the burlesque stage. Recently honored with the 2018 Oregon Burlesque Festival’s “Keep It Weird” award, Taryn wants to live in a world where everyone learns to express their unique creative genius.

Tootsie is a mover, shaker, and mediocre baker. She's armed with a BFA in Acting, A Bugs Bunny Sun, a Yosemite Sam Rising, and a Porky Pig Moon. Tootsie is ½ of comedy duo The Salty Licks, a rotating cast member of and Host of Cabaret & Burlesque Behind The Pink Door, and one of The Bearenstoned Bears, “Seattle's probably only stoner bear entertainers!" Tootsie also serves as the artistic director for The Libertinis, an interdisciplinary performance ensemble who have been delivering a low blow to high art since 2011. Above she loves being fancy and making fart jokes. Dig Deeper at TootsieSpangles.com

TrIO is Thandiwe, Issiah and Obadiah. Find us at Unexpected Productions and on FB

Val Nigro is a Seattle-based comedian who has been hailed for her “intense sense of irony” and “always finding a way to bring up astrology.” You can hear her alongside Clara Pluton on the hit podcast “Hot Takes with Hot Dykes”. She appeared with El Sanchez on the web series “Reality Rewind” and “Wrestle-GAY-nia”. She co-produces Seattle’s QTPOC is Not A Rapper open mic. In the sketch comedy realm, she has performed with Deep Lez and Pizza Crush. Her other credits include Femme Wave, Portland Queer Comedy Festival, Bumbershoot, and lesbian living rooms across the nation. www.valnigro.com

Seattle native Cassandra Moselle has 15+ years experience performing, locally and internationally. She holds an M.F.A. Physical Theatre from Accademia dell'Arte (Italy) where she trained in commedia dell'arte, clown, fan manipulation/juggling and partner acrobatics at Flic Circus school (Torino), mask theatre with Familie Flöz (Berlin), and completed an intensive study with Divadlo Continuo (Czech Republic) that culminated in a final devised physical theatre show that toured Czech Republic and Slovakia. In addition she’s been a burlesque performer for 9+ years and is the co-founder of WhatNot Theatrics.

Woody Shticks has taught children's theatre in 48 United States, toured the world with America's Chekhov company, and pole-danced his way into the hearts and pants of the Pacific Northwest. A founding producer of acclaimed interarts gang The Libertinis, headliner at the Seattle Fringe Festival, and a prized performer for Bawdy Storytelling, NOLAW (New Orleans), and house parties everywhere, he’ll bring his solo exploits to anyone with a bare stage and a craving for shenanigans.

Yolanda Suarez moved from NY to Seattle in 2014 and hit the ground running! She has performed all over the US as Guest Artist for Living Voices, she has studied Improv at UCB in NYC and tells personal stories all over Seattle. She has her MFA in Acting from the University of Idaho and was cast in a small role in a indie film alongside Jennifer Aniston (she has photos). She is the co-producer of the Moth StorySLAM for Seattle, co-founder of the improv group: Captain and is always down for karaoke. She prefers cheese over chocolate and loves Judge Judy more than life itself.

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